Swooper Race Team Sponsored by Sydney Diesel Marine

Sep 072012

Swooper Race Team Sponsored by Sydney Diesel Marine

SDM is a proud sponsor of the champion ski boat Swooper. Swooper is a 30 year old 19 foot Connlley Craft that competed in the Bridge to Bridge Ski race for over 15 years, winning numerous titles, across a number of divisions in its day. After lying dormant for 15 years, SDM began restoration work on its motor and stern drive in 2010, in an effort to bring it back to its former glory. SDM aims to complete Swooper’s restoration in time for the 2012 Hawksbury River Bridge to Bridge Race.

This will be the first year after so many that Swooper is looking to enter the 70mph class. This is a entry class that is very competitve. This will be a great entry point to test out the new engine and stern drive and give the chance for the new driver Phillip Lulic to get a handle on the new package and the challenge of competing at a race meeting. This is a challenge both team and driver are looking forward to.

To support the Swooper Race Team come down to the finish line at Windsor. Swooper Race Team will have a tent to provide cold drinks and a bbq to supporters. Its also a change to grab yourself a T-Shirt to remember the year Swooper's return to the Ski Racing World.

Please comment below to show support to Swooper Race Team. Look forward to seeing you there.

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