Common Problems for Marine Diesel Engines.

Aug 262012

Common Problems for Marine Diesel Engines.

As winter is coming to an end we haven't been using our boats over the cold months. September is a great time to get into gear(no pun intended) and start to use and repair common problems that arise with no use especially during cold months.

Some common problems include:

  • Flat batteries:  Cold weather sucks the power from 12V batteries wet cell or gel cell.
  • Impellers:  The rubber water impellers have been stationary and the blades on the pump get lazy because they have been compressed for too long.
  • Diesel Bug/Water:  This is a huge issue that all marine diesel vessels need to keep an eye on. Water can enter the tank by low fuel levels and condensation in the tank can fall and you can get levels of water in the bottom of the tank.

These problems should be all rectified by your marine mechanic but if you fancy yourself a bit of a handy man here are some tips to help you through.

  1. Remove the batterie(s) from your vessel and put them on charge.  Keeping your batteries fully charged will lengthen the life of the battery.  If the battery is used and flatten you must charge the battery otherwise you will cut the life of the battery in half.
  2. To keep the battery(s) charged on a swing mooring, install a solar panel.  This will trickle charge your battery and you will know that every time you step on board your battery will start first time every time.
  3. Inspect your impeller.  In most cases is as easy as removing a few bolts.  Remove the cover plate and inspect the impeller for crakes and creases in the blades.  They say if in doubt through it out.  To replace a $35 impeller is a lot cheaper than having to pay for an engine rebuild due to an overheat.
  4. Diesel bug is a real pain to a lot of boat owners.  I've found once the tanks are clean that the preventing the bug you should use a preventive and keep the tanks full to stop condensation.

I'd love to hear from you guys about how you prepared your engines for the forthcoming summer months and how you keep you tanks clean. Leave us a comment below.

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